Google agreed to pay $ 45 million to the dismissed top manager, who felt the employee

Alphabet’s board of directors agreed to pay compensation to the former top manager of its subsidiary Google $ 45 million for dismissal from the company in 2016. He was removed from office on charges of sexual harassment: Senior Vice President Amit Singhal was drunk at one of the outreach events and felt his subordinate.

The exact amount was disclosed on the claim of shareholders of Google. They accused the board of directors of evading their duties, agreeing to pay compensation instead of dismissing top managers “under the article.” Thus, the head of the Android division Andy Rubin, who inclined the employee to oral sex, was paid $ 90 million “compensation”.

As for Amita Singhala, he was obliged to pay $ 15 million in the first two years, and also from $ 5 million to $ 15 million if he did not get a job for competitors. A year later, Amit settled in Uber, but was dismissed from there after the story of sexual harassment surfaced.


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