In the game Apex Legends for PC, 355,000 cheaters were banned

As of March 8, in the game Apex Legends, more than 355 thousand cheaters fell under the banhammer – and this is only for the PC version. In Respawn note that the war with dishonest gamers will continue, because in the interests of the developer to ensure fair play. To combat cheaters, they are preparing new tools, but the company prefers not to disclose details about them.

“The cheaters are resourceful guys, so we will not tell you what to expect,” the Respawn representatives added. The studio plans to introduce new features into the game that will allow gamers to send reports to players who show disrespect for the rest.

Recall, Apex Legends was released in early February. Critics highly appreciated the multiplayer shooter, putting him an average of 89 points out of 100. Ordinary gamers have less enthusiasm – their score ranges from 6.5 points out of 10.

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