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What Stan Lee cameo in “Captain Marvel” means for kinovselennoy

And how does all this relate to the films about Jay and Silent Bob.

Cameo creator of many popular superheroes Stan Lee can be found in almost every film associated with the Marvel comics. November 12, 2018, the legendary author of comics died at the age of 95 years, but his cameo did not stop there – Lee managed to play in several films, the output of which was scheduled for 2019.

Stan Lee has already managed to appear twice on the screens after his death – his animated cameo can be seen in the animated films “Ralph vs. the Internet” and “Spider-Man: Through Universes”. Recently, the author of the comic appeared in the March 8 film “Captain Marvel”, but this will not be his last cameo. Earlier, the head of Marvel Studios, Kevin Faigi, said that Lee had time to play in several films, and at the premiere of “Captain Marvel” Faigi officially confirmed that he would appear in the movie “The Avengers: Final”. Whether Stan Lee appears in the new “Spider-Man” is still unknown.

Cameo in “Captain Marvel” turned out to be special – the audience came up with the theory that this time Stan Lee was playing not himself a bystander, but himself. Directed by Anna Boden, even before the premiere, she said that the film would have an “emotional tribute” to the famous comic book author – perhaps it was only a converted Marvel opening intro, and perhaps this scene.

The heroine of the film meets the character Stan Lee in the train – he sits by the window and reads something. At first glance, this cameo is very similar to Lee’s typical appearance – he often played the role of passers-by or passengers. However, attentive viewers drew attention to the fact that exactly his character reads – this is the script of the film “Party People from the Supermarket”, or “Lobotryasy”.

Kevin Smith shot Lobotryas in 1995 – the same year, the action of “Captain Marvel.” According to the plot of the film, one of the main characters accidentally meets on the street his idol – Stan Lee, in the role of which the author of the comics himself starred. They have a long dialogue, during which Stan Lee confirms that he created Spider-Man, Incredible Hulk and X-Men.

Stan Lee from “Captain Marvel”, apparently, is the same man who starred in Kevin Smith in “Lobotryahy.” He probably goes to the shooting: he reads the script and repeats his cue from the film “Believe me, a true believer,” while trying to memorize it.

This allows us to draw several conclusions. First of all, in the Marvel Cinema Universe, at least in some form, there are Kevin Smith and films about Jay and Silent Bob. Secondly, it is possible that all this time we had a wrong idea about the role of Stan Lee in MCU.

The theory that the appearance of Stan Lee in different images within the same kinovelennoy is not just a set of cameo, appeared a long time ago. Fans assumed that he was playing the Observer – a member of an alien race who watches everything that happens in the Universe. To some extent, this theory was confirmed: in the scene after the credits in the second “Guardians of the Galaxy” Stan Lee chats with aliens and makes reference to his appearance in the other film of the Marvel Universe, making it clear that the whole time was one and the same same character. Later, Kevin Figs confirmed that the scene was exactly such a goal.

Stan Lee exists above and beyond thereality of our films.
Kevin FeigiMarvel Studios Head

The scene in “Captain Marvel” changes everything. Stan Lee, the legendary author of comics about superheroes, goes on a film to play himself, and reads a script in which he talks about how he created The Incredible Hulk and Spider-Man – despite the fact that the real Bruce Banner, may be somewhere nearby, and Spider-Man has not even been born yet. It doesn’t fit into the AV Club theory that in the Marvel film universe, Stan Lee can be a “journalist describing real events” – as the Nerdist portal notes , for this he needs to be either a prophet or a real god.

The most logical seems to be the theory that Stan Lee is not just a powerful alien or deity, but in the literal sense the creator of this universe, powerful over all aspects of its existence. He is a comic book author living in a world invented by him. Perhaps this is precisely the “tribute”.

Already after the premiere, the directors of “Captain Marvel” told that they decided to make a small change to the scene, having learned about the death of Stan Lee. If, in the original version, the main character just walked further along the car, not paying particular attention to the old man reading the script, now she lingers for a while and smiles at Stan Lee, as if recognizing him. According to the directors, at this moment the heroine for a moment “comes out of the image” – the story is supposedly paused for a while for the sake of a brief meeting between the character and its creator.


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