For girls created e-sports dress. Creators accused of sexism

Good intentions lined the road to hell. The guys from the company Cranium Apparel, which is engaged in design and tailoring for cybersportsmen, felt this in their own skin. The other day they presented a form for professional female gamers, but they faced a wave of criticism and accusations of sexism.

The e-sports dress was presented on March 2: “It’s time to do something for girls gamers who are faced with so much negativity in the community. Stay strong. We respect you. ”

The creators of the dress claim that before its release, they consulted with girls-gamers and received a generally positive reaction. But to loud voices from Twitter, this seemed insufficient.

“We are playing games, not doing cheerleading,” one of the girls on Twitter remarked, hinting at the obvious similarity of the dress with the clothes worn by girls from the sports team support group.

Others noticed similarities with gaming chairs: “It’s so amazing that male gamers made a dress that makes girls look like the furniture on which they sit.”

Also, the strong and independent did not like that the dress is positioned as a new identity in the text of the promotion: “Girls in eSports:“ We want to be respected, we want to be allowed to compete, we do not want to be humiliated online or offline. Our gender should not influence our attitude towards us in our industry. ” Cranium: “We made a mini-dress for you”. ”

Representatives of the company after a storm of discontent broke out in the network promised to conduct a more detailed study of women’s desires and diversify the range of products. In addition, they stressed that the dissatisfaction of individual “haters” on Twitter will not stop them from releasing clothes for women in eSports.


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