Following the PlayStation 4, Anthem began to crash Xbox One X

New BioWare game is haunted. The other day, the owners of the PlayStation 4 began to complain about the game crashes and even reloading the consoles, and someone allegedly was not lucky at all – the prefix “turned around”. The publisher, represented by Electronic Arts, is aware of the problem, and offers to those who wish to return the money for the game. At the same time, work is underway to find a bug, but so far unsuccessfully.

Meanwhile, the situation is heating up, as Microsoft consoles have come under attack. One of the victims was the journalist Forbes. According to him, everything is not so scary, but certainly unpleasant – during the sessions in Anthem, the console may suddenly reboot. “It’s as if the power cord was pulled from her for a second,” says the journalist.

EA quickly responded to the problem by asking Xbox owners to send crash dumps to the company in order to release the patch as soon as possible.


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