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“Green Book” showed the biggest increase in the box office among the films that won the Oscar for the last 8 years

The record belongs to the painting “The King Says!”.

In the period from March 1 to 3, the Green Book, which won the Oscar in the Best Film nomination, collected $ 4.7 million at home hire. The only film that earned more at the box office after winning the Kinoakademii Prize was the film “King Says!” 2010 ($ 6.2 million).

Guillermo del Toro’s “Form of Water” and Moonlight, which also won the award for Best Film, collected about $ 2.3 million each the next weekend after the Oscars. “In the Spotlight,” “Birdman,” “12 Years of Slavery,” and “Argo Operations,” Ben Affleck earned $ 2 million in home rentals. The winner of 2012 – “Artist” collected 3.6 million dollars.

In total, the Green Book home box office is $ 75.9 million, while the world total is $ 188 million. The film was released in November and started with 5 million fees. Then the box office of the painting “slipped” and returned to the starting indicators only after the Green Book won the Golden Globe in January. The interest of the audience has grown again after the victory of the film at the Oscars.

Home fees “Green Book”

The third part of “How to Train Your Dragon” became the leader of the international hire of the past weekend . The cartoon raised over $ 52 million overseas, of which 33.4 million came from China, 5 million from Russia, 2 million from France, and 1.6 million from Spain. Home fees “How to tame the dragon 3” over the past weekend, it is estimated that should be 30 million dollars. The total boxing office of the animated film is 375 million.

“Alita: Fighting Angel” collected another 40.4 million at the international box office. The total box office picture has exceeded $ 350 million, of which 72 million are in the United States. In third place, “Lego. Movie 2, which earned overseas 6.1 million over the past weekend.

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