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Steven Spielberg will perform before the Film Academy against the nomination of films of online cinemas to the Oscar

The director is dissatisfied with the success of “Roma” Alfonso Cuarona at the ceremony in 2019.

Steven Spielberg, who has repeatedly stated that films of streaming services should not be nominated for an Oscar, is going to raise this topic again among members of the American Film Academy.

According to representatives of the studio Amblin Entertainment, founded by the director, Spielberg plans to speak at the annual meeting of the Board of Governors of the Academy, which will be held in April.

Apparently, he is going to propose changes to the rules to prevent paintings like the drama “Roma”, released on Netflix, before the “Oscar” race.

Stephen is convinced that the difference between streaming and theatrical is very large, and he is very concerned about this situation.

He will be happy if other members support him when he brings up the topic at a meeting of the Council. Let’s see what happens.from Amblin Entertainment statement

Picture Alfonso Cuarona won the Oscar-2019 in three categories, including Best Film in a Foreign Language and Best Director.

Especially so that “Roma” could be nominated for the main film award, Netflix changed its policy regarding screenings in theaters and began a limited movie rental three weeks before its release in the streaming service.

In addition, according to media reports, the company spent from 40 to 60 million dollars on the successful promotion of the ribbon Couaron as a nominee.

Steven Spielberg is not the first time opposing the nomination of such films to the Oscar. In the spring of 2018, he said that pictures of online cinemas like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon should qualify for the Emmy television award, but not an Academy Award.


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