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Three and a half doubles and allergy star: the creators of “Captain Marvel” on the shooting with a cat

And why pet Carol Danvers decided to call Goose.

According to the directors of “Captain Marvel”, Anna Bohlen and Ryan Vleck, one of the difficulties during the work on the film was Bree Larson’s allergy, which played the main role.

Although the plot of the cat named Gus – the favorite pet of her heroine, who often appears in the frame, the actress could not be removed along with the animal.

Therefore, for her specially created a realistic soft toy for the episodes, where Carol Danvers takes the Goose in her arms.

However, in most parts of the film, a red cat, Reggie, does appear. Only for some scenes they used computer animation or one of the animal substitutes – Archie, Gonzo and Rizzo replaced the main “actor” when he got tired or had to perform a complex trick in the frame.

Larson herself admitted that at the site of her allergy was a kind of joke.

It was a funny situation, because the film crew first watched me doing some stunt tricks all day long.

But as soon as a cat appeared in the room, I immediately asked for help: “So, here we need a plan! Need to discuss! ”Brie larsonactress

Samuel L. Jackson, on the contrary, made friends with his furry colleagues and even fed them regularly.

It’s simple with them: you treat them to something, you speak kindly, and then you treat them again when the shift ends.

So when they see you next time, they immediately understand: “Oh, this is the man with goodies!”Samuel L. Jacksonactor

By the way, the name Gus is a pet superheroine only in the film. According to the comics of the cat, Danvers was called Chewie.

But the directors of “Captain Marvel” decided to change the reference to “Star Wars” to a reference to the movie about the pilots, “Top Gun” (Top Gun) with Tom Cruise. One of the characters in the picture, Lieutenant Bradshaw, had the same nickname – “Goose”.

“Captain Marvel” will be released in Russian hire on March 7.


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