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Beyond the Future: How Warner Bros Hurt His Blockbuster Fees

On May 12, 2017, the thriller “Wall” from director Doug Liman (Doug Liman), famous for the film “Edge of the Future” and a series about Jason Born, will be released. American viewers have noted that in the promotional materials for the future picture the fantastic action movie with Tom Cruise is not called Edge of Tomorrow, but Live.Die.Repeat. 

DTF recalled how numerous name changes had hindered the box office success of one of the major blockbusters of 2014


Initially, the picture was called All You Need is Kill (“All you need is to kill”), as well as the  book that underlies it. However, Warner Brosos decided to rename the film exactly before the Comic Con 2013 exhibition. According to the producer of the film, Erwin Stoff, the initial version of the name contained a call for murder, which the audience might not like.

I think that people do not want to see the word “kill.” Not sure they like to read the headlines in which it is. People see enough murders in real life, so we don’t think they would like to see them in the title of our film.

Erwin stoff producer “Edge of the Future”

Thus, the film became known as Edge of Tomorrow (“Edge of the Future”). Already in 2014, many analysts said that such changes could damage the commercial potential of the film. Cowen & Co spokesman Doug Kreutz stressed that the new name says nothing about the picture and confuses the audience.

No one knows what kind of movie it is. There is a place for it on the market, at the same time there are no major militants coming out of it, but they still hardly speak about it.

Doug Kreutz Cowen & Co analyst

Despite this, the president of Warner Bros, Sue Kroll, said that she believed that the future picture would be a hit. According to Kroll, the audience for a long time did not understand what to expect from “Gravity” or “Beginning”, but these films still earned 825 and 716 million, respectively.

Many films have been promised a bad box office, but to put such a strong emphasis on such predictions is disrespectful and irresponsible. We are sure that the audience did not put an end to our picture.

Sue kroll president of warner bros

As a result, analysts were closer to the truth than the president of the studio. “The Edge of the Future” was  highly  appreciated by the press, but did not become a financial success, with a budget of $ 178 million having collected just over 370 million at the box office.

It is noteworthy that the main competitors of “The Edge of the Future” were not other militants, but the tale of “Malificent” and the drama “Blame the Stars”. Both films caused viewers to have strong associations with the titles of the works underlying them. It was then that Warner Brothers decided once again to change the marketing strategy.

On home media, the film was not released under its original name. In its place came the official slogan of the picture – Live. Die. Repeat. (“Live. Die. And again”). At the same time, hints that the studio will abandon the brand Edge of Tomorrow appeared at a time when the picture was in theaters. 

One of the posters that appeared in cinemas turned the “Edge of the Future” into “Live on the Edge”

In some ways, the move Warner Bros paid off. For a long time, the picture remained the leader of home rolled products in the USA. Such a success, along with the warm reception of critics, led the studio to launch a sequel to the film.

According to  Doug Lyman, the second part of the film will be simultaneously devoted to the prehistory of the original and the events that occurred after it. “The Edge of the Future” showed that the director can cope with a complex system of time travel. It remains only to give everything happening a suitable name.


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