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Musical social network for schoolchildren fined $ 5.7 million in the United States

The US Federal Trade Commission fined the $ 5.7 million social network of short musical videos , which we wrote about last summer. Today the social network is known as TikTok. They fined her for illegally collecting the personal information of children. This is a record fine for violation of the privacy of minors in the United States.

The commission found out that a huge percentage of service users are children under the age of 13, who disclosed their e-mail address, names, and school details. At the same time, the application did not even receive permission to collect data from the parents of its users. When the parents sent a request to delete the video and data, the developers deleted the child’s account, but left the video and data available on their servers.

The service was acquired in 2017 by the Chinese Internet conglomerate ByteDance. After that there was a merge with the TikTok service.

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