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Viral photos, the reality of which believed the Internet

Internet jokers got so good at “photoshop” photos that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish truth from fiction. This is proved by numerous viral photos that walk on social networks and are published by gullible users. It is much easier to believe in a beautiful or funny “photoshop” than in everyday reality.

Users of the BoredPanda website have compiled a selection of similar edited photos, which are actually the result of dexterous work.

“Behind the Scenes of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer”. In fact, the shooting of the intro took place quite differently. And this lion was brought to the diagnosis to advanced veterinarians. They say that he is all right.

“Mustache and Brown Cat.” The white mustache on the face of this cat is his real color. But this was not enough for Internet jokers.

“The astronaut brought hemp to the ISS”. Chris Hadfield simply could not do this, as he did not fold his suitcase on his own before being sent to space. In fact, in his package were Easter eggs, which he wanted to surprise his colleagues.

“Castle on the stone” actually turned out to be a combination of Thai stone on the coast and a real castle in Germany.

“Frozen Venice” is an ordinary Venice and ice-bound Baikal.

“Dangerous selfie pilot.” In fact, he made a selfie on the ground, and the Photoshop master raised the plane to the sky.

“Lady on Kortany” actually put on the rack only one bare foot. Although it is worth noting that this is also a bit strange.

“Dwarf giraffe” is actually not as small and stocky as it was presented by the authors of this masterpiece.

“Photographers flee from the bear.” The bear from the original picture actually goes in a completely different direction and is not going to threaten anyone.

“Cow on BMW”. In fact, the Burenka was quietly resting in the meadow, and BMW was just thrown at her.

“Embarrassment”. Words are superfluous. We hope only that this girl did not have to make excuses for this fake before anyone.

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