Microsoft stopped selling Xbox subscriptions through its online store in Russia

They, like Office, will be available from retail partners – M.Video and others.

Microsoft closes the online sale of subscriptions for Xbox consoles in Russia on February 21, 2019, company representatives told . This is a Live Gold subscription, necessary for multiplayer games, as well as a Game Pass, which gives access to the library of games.

After conducting a technical and operational analysis, Microsoft decided to redirect sales of Xbox Live subscription services from Russian-language and some other versions of the global online store to retail partners.

You can purchase products at retail and online partner stores. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

Microsoft Press Service

Subscriptions will be available at retail stores selling codes for activating Live Gold and Game Pass. At the time of this writing on the Microsoft website, the purchase of Live Gold code was no longer available.

In Microsoft noticed that a subscription in retail stores can be purchased both in the form of a code that comes in the mail, and on physical cards. The code can be activated in the Microsoft Store on the Xbox itself, on Windows 10 in the Xbox application or from a smartphone. For those who already have auto-renewal, the subscription will be renewed as before.

In November 2018, Microsoft transferred online stores of apps and games for Xbox and Windows from rubles to dollars, also explaining this with the result of technical and operational analysis. From October 1, 2018, for the same reason, the company abandoned its own sale of Office 365 office application packages — you can now buy them in retail stores.


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