Infographic: How to change the brand value of the top 15 companies in 2000 the year

The rapid rise of Google and Apple, the decline of Nokia and other market transformations in one video.

Interbrand consulting agency found out how the brand value of the 15 largest world companies has changed over the past 19 years.

Criteria for the selection of brands:

  • at least 30% of revenue comes from sales outside the home region;
  • the brand must be present in Asia, Europe, the USA, as well as in developing regions;
  • reliable public information about the company’s financials;
  • The company’s revenue must exceed the cost of capital over the long term;
  • the brand should be known in the largest economies.

Criteria for assessing brand value:

  • financial analysis – evaluates the company’s after-tax profit minus the capital charges used to generate revenue and brand profits;
  • the role of the brand – the number of purchases that consumers make under the influence of the brand, and not other factors: prices, amenities, product features;
  • Brand strength is the ability to create a loyal audience and stay relevant.

Interbrand relied on data:

  • Thomson Reuters – for financial information;
  • Global Data – for consumer information and brand values;
  • Infegy – for the analysis of social networks.

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