Apple fell from first to 17th place in the list of the most innovative companies in the world according to Fast Company

The publication has published the top 50 companies for 2019.

Fast Company presented the ranking of the most innovative companies for 2019. Only one American company entered the top 3, and Apple lost 16 positions in the list.

The top 10 most innovative companies in the world according to Fast Company:

  1. Meituan Dianping is a Chinese platform that allows you to order food, book hotels and tickets. The company also owns the bike company Mobike and its own taxi service.
  2. Grab is a South Asian taxi service.
  3. NBA – National Basketball Association.
  4. Walt Disney Company – according to Fast Company, Disney has earned a place in the ranking due to its own video services.
  5. Stitch Fix is a subscription shopping service that uses AI to pick out clothes for customers. These things and accessories are sent to a potential buyer – he can leave the one you like and return something that did not fit.
  6. Sweetgreen is a restaurant chain and food delivery service from farmers.
  7. Apeel Sciences – The company creates edible coatings for fruits and vegetables that help them stay fresh longer.
  8. Square is a developer of solutions for receiving and processing electronic payments.
  9. Oatly is a Swedish food producer who made popular one of the most “trendy” drinks of 2018 – oatmeal milk.
  10. Twitch is a streaming video service from Amazon.

The 13th place in the ranking was the developer of the VPN service HotSpot Shield, founded by a native of Russia, David Gorodiansky. Alibaba ranked 15th, Apple – 17th, Mozilla – 49th position.

So the list of the most innovative companies according to Fast Company looked in 2018

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