All non-game video content will be deleted from Steam. The service could buy or rent movies

The film section lasted for almost three years on the platform.

Screenshot of the movie tab on Steam Engadget

On February 20, Valve announced in a service blog for selling video games that Steam will remove all non-game videos from the platform in the coming weeks, including documentaries and feature films. The “video” tab has already disappeared from the main page, but films can still be found through search, tags and recommendations. In Russia, the section was available, but was absent in the client and on the Russian version of the site.

In the future, films and other videos not related to games will not be available for purchase or rental. If a user has previously purchased a video, then it will remain in his library.

After studying what Steam users are watching, it became clear that we should focus our efforts on content that is directly related to games or software sold on Steam.from the Steam blog

In 2016, streaming movies appeared on Steam – users got access to dozens of pictures. For example, in the service you can buy ” Mad Max ” or rent ” John Wick .” However, the function has been criticized for its high cost and lack of exclusive content. A Kotaku journalist complained that you could buy a Netflix subscription for the amount that will go to rent three movies on Steam.


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