The mystery of the triple camera in the iPhone XI

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal published information on an advanced triple camera in the top iPhone XI. Now it became known what exactly it will stand out from competitors.

Full 3D shooting

The third photo module will be able to create a 3-dimensional model of the objects that it sees. Now the TrueDepth-sensor has a similar functionality, each time removing a digital “cast” of the face when unlocked.

Together with two other cameras, the future iPhone will be able to make almost 3D photos with depth and the most accurate color reproduction.

Improved optical zoom

It is assumed that the third camera lens will allow you to shoot in 3x optical zoom. In other words, at 3X-magnification you will not noticeably deteriorate the quality of the photo.

iPhone 7 Plus , iPhone 8 Plus , iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have 2x optical zoom.

Improved image quality when shooting at night

The third lens captures more light, making night photos look much better.

This will allow Apple to introduce Google’s own Night Sight. That is, the pictures will be noticeably brighter and convey more details in low light.

So in the end they will give three cameras of the new iPhone

Triple camera in iPhone XI Max will be able to combine the most detailed picture with the best aperture and the ability to capture distant objects. Moreover, each item will be recognized separately, which will add volume and depth of drawing photos.

And what’s more important: the updated lenses will allow the smartphone to shoot elegant shots even in poor light conditions. And this is capable of a very small number of devices. [MacRumors ]

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