2018 iPhone will charge quickly with original charges only

Regular users of Apple smartphones this year are waiting for a pleasant surprise. After 10 years, the company still matured to replace the complete 5-watt charger.

Instead, in the box with the new iPhone 2018, you can find an 18-watt charger . But sources close to the manufacturer warn that the new power supply will include one unpleasant surprise.

It will be impossible to buy such an 18 W charger for several months after the start of sales of new iPhones.

Moreover, despite the support of fast charging technology, you will not be able to use the power supply from a third-party manufacturer that does not have proper certification.

Otherwise, a non-original cable or charger will cause an artificial limitation of the charging power of the iPhone controller.

Instead of 18 watts, the gadget will be charged at 2.5 watts. The choice of charger manufacturer will have to be approached even more responsibly. [ 9to5 ]

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