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10 years of silence: how the accident on the set of “Kill Bill” destroyed the friendship between Uma Thurman and Tarantino

As well as details of the conflict of the actress with Harvey Weinstein.

On February 3, The New York Times published a large article in which actress Uma Thurman spoke in detail about her conflict with producer Harvey Weinstein.

But in the material there was a place for another revelation: the leading woman in the film “Kill Bill” for more than a decade in a quarrel with Quentin Tarantino. The reason for this is the incident on the set of an action movie, because of which Thurman received serious injuries.

The relationship between Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino deteriorated during the shooting of “Kill Bill.” There is a scene in the film in which the Bride drives an open top on a sandy road. According to Thurman, she looked at the car and realized that there was a problem. But Tarantino refused to use the stunt man and insisted that the actress herself participate in the scene.

Quentin came into my trailer and refused to hear no, like any director. He was furious because [my request] would have cost them a lot of time. But I was scared. He said: “I promise the car is fine. It’s just a straight stretch of road. Drive at a speed of 40 miles per hour so that the wind blows through your hair, otherwise I will make you repeat the scene. ”

But the car itself was just a death box. The seat is almost not screwed. The road was not straight, moreover, sandy.

Uma Thurmanactress

Thurman’s fears were confirmed: due to the quality of the car and the road, the actress had an accident.

She recalls what happened as follows: “The wheel rested against my stomach, and my legs were tight. I felt a sharp pain and thought: “Lord, I can never walk again.” ”Because of the accident, she had a serious injury to her neck and knees, as well as a concussion.

Two weeks after that, lawyer Thurman sent a letter to Miramax describing the entire incident and a notification of intention to sue. The film company offered to show the record to the actress, if she signs a waiver of claims. She did not agree.

According to the actress, the conflict with Tarantino lasted for many years. The director also refused to show her the video of the accident, saying that “[Miramax] has already decided everything.” In the fall of 2017, when a wave of accusations against sexual harassment rose in Hollywood, Uma Thurman sent all the information to the police. Quentin Tarantino after that still handed her the record. “Quentin atoned for by passing me the video 15 years later, right? Not that it meant anything now, with my injured neck and knees. ”

In addition to the accident, the actress remembered other things that Tarantino did on the set of “Kill Bill.” According to her, the director spat on her face in the scene where the hero Michael Madsen was supposed to do this, and also choked her with a chain in the episode where Gogo was supposed to do it.

NYT also focused on Harvey Weinstein. According to Thurman, at first her relationship with the producer was friendly.

I knew him well before he attacked me. He talked with me for hours, discussed the material, praised and extolled me. Perhaps this has dulled my vigilance. He controlled precisely those films that suited me.

Uma Thurman actress

The actress said that one day Weinstein appeared in front of her in a dressing gown, but she simply considered him eccentric and did not attach special significance to the incident. Some time after that, the producer “attacked” her in his hotel room. Thurman managed to escape, and the next day, Weinstein sent her a huge bouquet of roses and a note with the words “You have good instincts.” Later, the actress managed to talk with the attacker: she said that if he continues, then she will tell about everything and destroy his reputation. Weinstein threatened in response that he would ruin her career.

In 2001, Uma Thurman attended the Cannes Film Festival, where Quentin Tarantino was also. According to her, she had already told the director about the incident, but did not wait for support. After another conversation, he replied: “Oh, poor Harvey, is trying to get girls who are too tough for him.” Then Tarantino still talked with Weinstein. The producer was embarrassed by the accusations, but apologized. In October 2017, Quentin Tarantino admitted that he knew about Weinstein’s behavior , but did nothing.

Harvey attacked me, but it did not kill me. What really hit me in the accident case was treason. Before that, I had seen everyone, but I always felt connected with something high in working with Quentin. Most of what I allowed to happen and what I participated in seemed like a terrible fight in the mud with an evil brother. But then I had at least some opportunity to speak out.

Uma Thurman actress

Quentin Tarantino himself has not yet commented on the situation. Representatives of Harvey Weinstein, in a commentary on The Hollywood Reporter, said they heard for the first time about the story and between the producer and the actress, “there was no physical contact.”


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