Skype’s built-in video call translator gets Russian language support

Skype's built-in simultaneous interpreter for video calls received support for the Russian language. This was reported to by representatives of Microsoft, which owns the service.

The Skype Translator platform for simultaneous translation of speech during video calls supports nine languages, including Russian, English, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), Italian, French, Portuguese (Brazilian), German and Arabic. More than 50 languages ​​are also available for translating text messages.

The Skype Translator translation function can be used by owners of the desktop version of Skype and computers running the Windows 7 operating system and above. Users of devices based on Windows 10 Anniversary Update will be able to translate automatically, owners of earlier versions of the operating system should include it in the menu.

Representatives of Microsoft claim that the Skype Translator translation function is based on machine learning technology and improves as it is used – “the more people use it to communicate with each other, the higher the quality of the translation.”

The Microsoft Translator platform underlying Skype translator is also used in other products of the corporation, such as Bing translator, Microsoft Translator applications for Android and iOS, as well as a special Microsoft Translator Speech API.

For the first time, a built-in voice call translator will appear on Skype, Microsoft executives announced in May 2014. In the first version of the application, only the English-Spanish translation was available.

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