Now Tesla herself is parking in the garage


The company released another firmware update (7.1) for Model S and X cars, which added a new Summon feature .

Now the owner of the electric car, having approached his house, can get out of the car and entrust him with further parking in the garage. He himself will find the garage, open the gate, drive inside, shut off the engine and close the garage behind him. All this is possible when connected to a special HomeLink service.

There is a reverse scenario, you can “call” the car from the parking lot, he will be able to independently leave the garage and drive up to the owner.

So far, the new mode is available in beta.

On his Twitter, CEO Elon Musk noted that this technology will be actively developed.

Within two years you can call a car all over the country. If your car is in New York and you are in Los Angeles, it will find a way to you. Elon Musk

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