Tesla Introduces Autopilot System

Not only will bring, but also park.

Tesla Motors released a software update to version 7.0 for their Tesla S cars. The option of semi-autonomous driving will be given to cars that have left the assembly line after October 2014 . To implement this type of electric vehicle control, a camera, a radar and a GPS module are installed on the Tesla S, and 12 ultrasonic sensors complement their work to determine the distance. They are located around the perimeter of the car and analyze possible interference during movement both in urban conditions and on the highway.

The autopilot system will be responsible for the operation of the steering wheel and gas and brake pedals. Due to this, the electric car will be able to independently rebuild from row to row, observe the permissible speed limit, maintain a safe distance while driving and avoid collisions with hazardous objects. Despite the launch of the autopilot, Tesla Motors still recommends keeping your hands on the steering wheel and maintaining vigilance.

Along with updating the software to the new version, the vehicle control screen will visually change. New features and settings will appear, the number of which will increase as additional updates become available. This will last until the car can independently independently control the situation on the road. [ teslamotors ]

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