Unbound Jailbreak for iOS 8.1 released

Pangu utility from Chinese developers is a good old jailbreak. And although the event happened almost a day ago, we just decided to publish detailed installation instructions. As the saying goes: “it’s better to measure seven times” than then mourn the iOS-brick. Go!

To install, we need the current version of iOS 8.1 . Upgrading to the latest firmware is advisable “lace up” and through iTunes . Installation is done exclusively from under Windows so far (for OS X, the next version of Pangu should be released soon).

Everything that you do – you do at your own peril and risk. The site administration is not responsible for errors and problems.

Install Jailbreak by Pangu

1. So, download the utility from the official Pangu website . Tune in to a large number of hieroglyphs and obscure characters.

2. Without fail, turn off the iPhone unlock using Touch ID, and also turn off the Find iPhone function.

3. On the Pangu icon, right-click and select Run as administrator (do not forget, we are working exclusively on Windows so far).

4. If Chinese fonts are not installed on your system (which is most likely), the installation dialog will contain strange characters. Let this not bother you. In the Pangu remove the check mark from the item “????? PP ????? “ :

5. Press the Jaibreak button (as it looks in Chinese):

And patiently wait until all installation steps are completed.

During installation, the iOS device will reboot several times. Do not touch anything until the installation is complete.

Fighting Cydia

Alas, the Pangu utility does not have a Cydia application store in its composition. If you can’t wait to install Cydia right now, without waiting for the official Pangu update, there are a number of additional steps to follow:

1. Download the deb-file 1 , deb-file 2 .
2. Go to Pangu and install OpenSSH :

3. We need an FTP client: for the Mac platform – Cyberduck , for Windows – WinSCP . Download and install.

4. Select New connection ( connection type SFTP / SSH ) and connect to our iPhone / iPad / iPod. To do this, you need to know the IP address of the iOS device ( Settings – WiFi – (i) opposite the connection – IP Address ). In my case, it is

We drive in the address and fill in the lines as follows. Username: root; password: alpine.

5. Copy the downloaded deb-packages (item 1) to the private / var / root / Media folder (you can in any, but preferably in it – most importantly, remember where you copied).

6. Go to the desired directory by launching the terminal directly from the FTP client.

7. Enter the command to start the installation

8. After rebooting, restart the FTP client and connect to the iOS device.
9. The downloaded package 1.1.13 is copied to the var / root / Media / Cydia / AutoInstall folder, after setting the permissions on the 755 folder .
10. We reboot and enjoy the jailbreak .


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