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FireChat – an anonymous messenger that works without the Internet.

We all know that it is now fashionable to create messengers who are trying to repeat the fate of WhatsApp and go on the fashion trend of anonymity , are no different from each other. That is why the public attention was attracted by the FireChat messenger. The application creates a local area network for messaging and works even when you do not have an Internet connection.

FireChat uses the Multipeer Connectivity Framework technology   , which allows you to develop Multipeer services that recognize and interact with each other on devices nearby via Wi-Fi, p2p connections and Bluetooth. The disadvantage is a small coverage area – about 30 meters, but the network architecture of FireChat allows you to increase the distance (each device acts as a network node, and for any type of connection).

FireChat – an anonymous messenger that works without the Internet.

Similar messengers existed before, but it was assumed that users are in the same Wi-Fi network. With FireChat you can use your device while being offline and just sharing photos and messages with people around you.

If there is no one around you, then you can use the normal mode of the global network by connecting to the Internet. Until now, the development team has not divided this mode into various dialogues, so there can be quite noisy under heavy loads (now that the application is already available, this is exactly what started to occur). It is possible that the team will revise this feature.

The application does not have the usual accounts and registration, so you can maintain complete anonymity. According to Mick Benoliel, CEO of Open Garden, the messenger can be used for meetings, conferences, various festivals, and perhaps even for dating.

FireChat is Disrupt’s first graduate product, Open Garden , which specializes in networking applications. The head of the company hopes to port the flagship Open Garden service to iOS once, but for now it is available only for Android, given the limitations of the Apple platform. The most that developers can do at the moment is FireChat, which only uses the technologies supported by Apple to create local networks between devices. Since Android does not have a similar technology, creating a similar service is easier for iOS.

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