Advertisers are happy with iAd

Two months have passed since the launch of the Cupertin’s iAd advertising platform, but so far there have been no specific figures about its “productivity” in relation to specific advertisers. Nissan, the very first and largest of the companies that have a contract with Apple, told itself why iAd suits them more than traditional banners.

Users who view Nissan Leaf’s interactive iAd ads spend an average of 90 seconds of their time on this — unlike traditional ads, which they view less often and 10 times faster. Therefore, Nissan is extremely pleased with the performance of the iAd:

We are more than confident that today [iAd] is the most effective method of advertising capitalization. What iAd offers us is the most aggressive offer on the advertising market today.

Chad Jacoby, Nissan Senior Media Relations Manager

Another advertiser, Unilever, also reports on the successful launch of advertising for their products: 20 percent of users independently open Dove iAd ads several times. The number of users searching for product information on the Internet after viewing iAd ads is twice that of simple banner ads.

After such a success of the “pioneers”, other large companies also began to prepare their materials for placement on the iAd platform. Among them are DirecTV, General Electric, Sears. With the support of these and other Apple companies, according to Appleinsider, it will be possible to occupy half of the mobile advertising market by the end of this year. If you are a developer, do you plan to integrate the iAd platform into your “creation”? Or is the financial benefit of it not as obvious as that of a competitor AdMob? [ appleinsider ]

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