Jail iOS 4.0 for iPhone 3GS with new bootrom

Great news for all iPhone 3GS owners with the new bootrom and firmware 4.0. iH8Sn0w managed to jailbreak.

Check your bootrom version here .

Unfortunately, only two facts overshadow such a joyful event. 
Firstly, jail is still bound, i.e. after turning off, restarting or discharging the device’s battery, in order to “revive” the gadget, you will have to connect it to a computer with the sn0wbreeze utility. And secondly, only those who have saved SHSH from 3.1.2 can do this operation.

Everyone who, according to these criteria, can not afford a jail, can not be upset. This is only the first swallow, further more. [ iclarified.com ]

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