iDetector from iH8sn0w: determine the bootrom version on iPhone 3GS

What is butrom? 
here .

The joyful announcement in iTunes when iOS 4.0 firmware became available was not for everyone. Owners of the official iPhone 3GS could upgrade without any problems, and users of locked phones had to “dance with a tambourine.” The latter have two options: if you have an old version of the bootrom, then you can upgrade using custom firmware iOS 4.0 (if you used Spirit to jailbreak, then there is no solution yet), but if you use iPhone 3GS with a new boot, then you it remains to wait for news from hackers from Dev-Team .

But how do you know the version of this bootrom? The creator of sn0wbreeze iH8sn0w recently released a new utility called iDetector , which in one click will determine the possibility of installing a new firmware. Although it works extremely simple, it is only suitable for experienced users. First you need to enter the phone in DFU mode (you can read about how to do this on the forum or watch on YouTube ), after launching iDetector , click on the “Is My Bootrom Old or New?” Button and the program will tell you the whole truth about the version butroma. Now you need to restart the smartphone by holding the Home + Power buttons.  warns once again that all of the above actions are only suitable for experienced iMagnacs and are not recommended for novice users.

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