iOS 4 – iPhone OS in a new package

The speech of Steve Jobs, who opened WWDC 2010, died down , and we are ready to show you a report on the results of those two hours. This article will focus on the introduced (or newly introduced) iOS 4 , the former iPhone OS 4.

So, let’s put together all the important things that we know about the new iOS 4 (we get used to call it that).

– Multitasking . Naturally, everyone is waiting for her as a panacea. Remember that this multitasking is different from the one provided by Backgrounder . Developers will have to customize their applications for it, and obviously not everyone will take it, but the result will be a much more effective solution.

– Folders . Another Jailbreak feature has migrated to the official firmware. It looks great, comfortable and very useful! Up to 9 applications are placed in a folder, and the folders themselves can be placed even in the dock. Folders are automatically named, depending on the category of applications that you want to put there, but you can think of it yourself.

New 1500 APIs for developers and 100 user features . Mysteriously and intriguingly. We’ll see everything soon, although almost everything was probably in the Beta version of the firmware.

– Single mailbox . Someone dreamed about it from the first day, someone would simply be glad for the appearance of this function, but someone doesn’t care at all, but the fact is a fact – he should be. This implies that the application will display mail from all your email accounts in a single list.

– Wallpaper on a springboard . And it was already in the jail, you say, and you will be right. But how many people were affected by Winterboard ? And how much is ready, with rolled up sleeves, to do everything with “hands”? Now everything is official and reliable.

– Bing search engine . He did not become the main one, as was supposed , but nevertheless appeared. Steve Jobs praised Microsoft for the work done. Total in iOS 4 there will be 3 search engines – Google, Yahoo! and bing.

– iAd Advertising . “Phew, advertising!”, You thought? But wait, we already have tons of ads from Google – adMob. Steve said that now the biggest problem with advertising on the phone is that when you click on it, the application closes and the browser starts. This is really a nightmare, many have come across, I’m sure. But with iAd, everything will change. This technology will allow you to open ads directly inside the application, and, in addition, it is all under the authority of Apple, and developers will be able to take ready-made banners directly from them.

– iBooks for iPhone . Apple branded reader will migrate to the iPhone with the release of a new firmware. Together with it, access will be opened in the iBookStore, where it will be possible to buy (using an American account) various literature, including periodicals in the form of newspapers and magazines.

Other features of the new OS, such as the Game Center gaming network and optimization for corporate use at the presentation, were not disclosed. But we still have a chance to hear about them, because WWDC 2010 will last until Friday.

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